FamousPanel: 5 Social Media Trends That You Need To Know

Every year, social media evolves to remain one of the most potent marketing channels. Marketers face a difficult task when it comes to social media. It’s because of its continuous upgrades, intense competition, rapid market shifts, and customer interests. Staying up to date on social media trends will help you stay ahead of the competition. Various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are no longer social media platforms. Nevertheless, many companies and businesses have turned to them as a strong marketing tool. These platforms assist marketers in increasing traffic and income to their websites. However, many businesses do not recognize the potential of social media and do not use it to expand their reach.

We’ve highlighted key trends that brands should consider to flourish on social media.

1. Social Commerce Is Interactive

Marketers will benefit from social commerce since it will provide a more seamless experience for their customers. Giving customers the option to shop for their items without leaving the site is a fantastic way to boost sales. Instagram is well-known for its social commerce capabilities. According to surveys, 87 percent of customers use social media to make purchasing decisions. As a result, social commerce might motivate purchasers who need to rapidly purchase their favorite product. These social commerce methods will assist your business in increasing customer happiness while also increasing product sales. Try using FamousPanel social media services to drive higher traffic and enhance your business ROI effortlessly.

2. Video Content Is Growing

Video content is a fantastic method to keep your audience interested. According to a survey, videos are the most effective way for buyers to learn about a product or service. It is undeniable that videos will become the social media medium of the future. According to another study, 88 percent of people spend more time on websites with videos. It demonstrates how video material can entice viewers to watch it. According to a study, 54 percent of buyers demand video content from their brands. Even though many brands use videos as part of their social media strategy, some brands have yet to give it a go. Those brands will not be able to stay ahead of their competitors if they do so. Brands must execute a video marketing plan across all of their social media platforms by 2021.

3. Influencer Marketing Is Growing

Another well-known strategy for increasing brand awareness among your target demographic is influencer marketing. According to research, 63 percent of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget. It’s because influencer marketing aids brands in increasing their awareness and enhancing their return on investment. In addition, customers are leery of promotional commercials and suspicious of global corporations, which is why influencer marketing is effective for firms. But, on the other hand, collaboration with influencers allows your brand to establish a stronger relationship with its audience while also increasing brand trust.

4. Augmented Reality Is Interactive

Right now, Augmented reality is the most cutting-edge way of social media marketing. Here are some examples of how brands might include augmented reality into their marketing strategy:

  • Virtual Stores in Augmented Reality
  • Videos in augmented reality
  • Using augmented reality to raise brand recognition
  • Events that occur in real-time

You may use AR in this way to create an immersive shopping experience, interactive films and involve your worldwide audience in your brand’s event, among other things. AR technology provides marketers with numerous options to try something new and engage their audiences.

5. FamousPanel: SMM Panel Services

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Final Thoughts

Social media is constantly changing. Remember to include current trends into your social media marketing strategy wherever possible. But make sure to test it out to see whether it works for you. We hope the above trends have given you some insight. Try to use the ones that are most appropriate for your brand and will help to increase its visibility.