What Marketers Can Do In TikTok For Brand Awareness

According to the marketer’s statistics and as per 2020 Social’s Digital analysis, TikTok comprises above 800 million monthly valid followers, as it was 300 million users in January 2019. Brands observed a sudden annual rise, recommending that advertisers interested in the market for Gen Z should notice TikTok social media app for brand promotions. In the previous year, it led the impressions of Instagram and Snapchat and recorded as the world’s fourth highly downloaded platform (ranging around 1.7 billion downloads), according to brand advertisers.

TikTok followers can post themselves usually lip-syncing or creating a video using the app’s in-built editing features to place effects. Followers can include captions and voice to their short-duration (maximum 15 seconds) clips. Brand advertisers can also lead promotions swiftly in TikTok; this platform is all about individual creativeness and buy TikTok likes through product presentations.

TikTok empowers it’s generally young followers (as a minimum 40% of the TikTok users are among 10 to 19 years) to develop as owners of their specific story and challenge, and brands provide the chance to become a micro-influencer for some followers after forming User-Generated content. However, some brands did a campaign effectively in TikTok, and even their target isn’t Gen Z. TikTok is a dynamic and well worth platform for promotions.

Three ways that brand advertisers should endure in TikTok to raise brand awareness and trades:

Engage With Social Influencers

Creating a business profile on TikTok to promote ads is possible, but it is a prolonged process for brand advertisers to gather a trustworthy and committed following in TikTok. Functioning with influencers is the best strategy for brands to advertise, as these influencers have engaging followers and communities in TikTok. It is a shortcut strategy for brands to interact with massive followers and result in a successful campaign that delivers more engagement.

For instance, the World-wide fashion business “Guess” organized the leading official contest and the U.S. brand in the name of #InMyDenim in TikTok. This campaign was controlled by U.S. brand partnerships and influencers like @ourfire (it consists of around 2.3m fans in the U.S.), @madison_willow (more than 1000K followers) and @operamericano (with 4000K followers) and many small platform influencers.

Leading brands comprising Google, Coca-Cola, and Chipotle have subsequently campaigned in TikTok with influencers.

Take-Off Hashtag Challenges & Contests

An active social platform necessitates consistent activities and content from followers. If brands don’t bear the content to post about products on TikTok frequently, then advertisers can initiate a hashtag contest that provides a proficient method to unite with the targeted audience and gather millions of user-generated content from followers around the globe.

Brand advertisers should inspire their desired followers to post content related to the campaign’s hashtag and can lay down rewards and gifts to followers.  For example, brands can provide a bonus, similar to a gift coupon or free products for the campaign winner.

Highlight Adverts

Similar to existing content marketing channels, TikTok’s ad structures can be classified into two sets: organic and paid. Previously, TikTok gently announced advertising with usual in-feed video ad concepts. Brands prior acquired paid-for content from third-party apps like Facetune, and Grubhub. The excellence of these ads, though, sustains relatively low. The influencers are later introduced in TikTok, presenting a bright opening for brands to progress ads that are engaging to users and better resourceful effects.

Moreover, the relative benefit for brands to advertise on TikTok is that there’s less product competition compared to other social platforms; the TikTok is far successful in campaign results with producing branded content from followers.

TikTok has been advanced as a significantly involved social media platform for dynamic audiences and brands – and the probability of more vital customers to brands will be available in TikTok. Brands should practice more advertising as it provides a trending chance for developing brand loyalty.

Hashtag challenges are the crucial strategy of TikTok and the other marketing platforms. The challenges are all about reformation and iterating the brand with some creative effects. Placing a perfect branded hashtag challenge to the TikTok followers, the result is based on influencing the TikTok audience. TikTok has confirmed to be an important medium in influencer advertising for most products. Following the tips above, brands can leverage awareness to followers about products and services offered.