Impact on Influencers if Instagram opts to hide likes

The announcement by Instagram to hide likes from its application on a trial basis has come as a thunderbolt to some influencers and brands who largely rely on the likes to showcase their reach and awareness of their brand. Thus, brands that measured their reach by the number of likes their posts received are in the situation to resort to new metrics to determine their reach. 

When it comes to influencers, likes are the major driving factor that will fetch them more clients.

Therefore, influencers who showed-off their reach solely based on the likes their posts received are left bewildered with this new move. However, many marketers and brands have opined that they have moved beyond considering likes as a metric to determine their reach. Brands can also increase their reach through service providers like Trollishly, who provides 100%, real active followers. They also expressed that there are other features to measure the reach of their brand and removing the likes will not affect their brand in any way. 

However, this comes as a tight slap to the influencers who deceive their clients with fake likes and fraudulent service providers. Since its advent, especially in the last few years, Instagram has constantly introduced new features to its application that made people stay glued to the image-centric application which has skyrocketed the usage of the application leaving behind other social media platforms. On the other hand, buy Instagram Views service would consistently increase brand engagement and followers count. Thus, many brands have made the best use of these features to promote their brands which have turned into the parameter to measure the reception of the brand. Therefore, these brands framed the strategies keeping these features in mind where likes come nowhere as the metrics to measure the reach. 

Following the launch of the Stories feature on Instagram, many brands began to promote them by making the best use of this feature. As both pictures and videos can be posted in stories, brands sorted to one among them that can influence the viewers at ease. Thus, brands have begun to assess their brand reach by using various indications like swipe-ups, story completion, sticker taps, impressions and the number of accounts the post reached. Keeping these in mind, brands derive their social marketing strategy. This proves that likes have lost their significance a while ago since brands began to adapt to the new marketing strategies such as the use of appropriate hashtags and adding intriguing bio which is used as the metrics to assess their reach. This clearly shows that likes are out-dated in the present day scenario.

Therefore, people who are reeling under the shock of Instagram’s recent announcement are those who did not brush-up their social marketing strategy for a while. Nevertheless of all these facts, likes are still considered as part of the social marketing strategy. But, in recent times, likes have lost their credence as there many influencers in the social platform who use fake lakes to establish their popularity. This move by Instagram will put a full stop to such fraudulent cases.  

Thus, the recent announcement has given a clear view that marketers should not rely on particular tactics in their social media marketing strategy and should keep them abreast of the latest technologies to withstand unanticipated storms and to outshine the peers. Thus, consistent brushing up of every single modification and making the best use of them as an effective tool to boost their brands will avail the marketers and influencers to stay firm in the field for a longer time.

However, this decision will lead the marketers and influencers to look out for innovative strategies which will lead them to strive hard for producing better content which will provide a new experience like never before to the users. 

Every new feature that has been added to Instagram has led to a considerable change in terms of user experience. Therefore, the changes in the mere future can leave a completely different impression for the application among the people. Adam Mosseri also noted that the removal of likes will also result in the betterment of the content as brands will no more focus on gaining likes. According to this statement, brands will keep their focus on generating more better content which can drive the social visual platform to outgrow other social media platforms. 

As noted by Adam Mosseri, removal of likes from Instagram will relieve the adults from getting stressed out for it which will make them engageable with the platform. Thus, this move will turn the picture-centric platform more holistic as we can expect better content in the mere future. Thus peeps who have refrained from using this application can be expected to re-launch the application in their phones which will eventually increase the active users on Instagram.