Hidden Features Of Spotify Everyone Must Know About

Let’s speak about hidden features of Spotify for the best version of Spotify. And also this tips is for artists you can buy monthly listeners  on Drizzyapp to  promote your songs on Spotify.

Are You Searching For Radio On Spotify?

Are you amazed where radio option went on Spotify? Here is the answer to your question. The radio was hidden behind the three dots. Just click … the three-dot button  at the corner of Spotify interface, And then tap go to the radio.  

You can see  artist radio playlists when you want to explore more about one artist. Go to the search results page, go down  and you can see labeled artist’s radio. These artist radio playlists are developed to use when there is no internet. So your favorite radio has not gone anywhere.

Voice out  To Control Your Phone And Also Spotify.

To control your phone, you can use your voice. Do you want to know how it is possible? Some applications support voice recognition for quick access. In Spotify long press on the search bar, and you will find the mic option to speak.

You can play songs using this option, which will save time and energy when you are busy at work. Spotify supports lock screen control over iOS. This lock control system allows you to play songs without unlocking your phone. 

Do You Want To enjoy more Of Your Favorite Artist? There Is A Way

If you want to listen to more from one artist, you can easily explore with view artist or view album. It is a three-dot button, which is on the right side of the Spotify interface. The feature is the best way to make users too spent more time on Spotify application. By using this option, you can explore more from your favorite artist. This feature will also contain recently launched songs of your favorite artists. If you want to enjoy your music unlimitedly you can buy monthly listeners.

Lyrics Are The Soul To A Music

If you want to read the lyrics of your favorite song, You can tap on now playing bar at the bottom of your Spotify app, That will show the lyrics of your loved song. This feature is not for all songs. But you can still view lyrics for some most popular trending songs.

Start A Private Session To Enjoy Without Detection

Do you want to hear songs privately, so there is a way on Spotify app, that will let you listen to songs personally without the knowledge of anyone. Some people may feel that Spotify has watched what I hear. 

If you don’t want this, you can go  your library, tap the toggle button icon for Settings, tap social and then toggle on private session. It’ll turn off automatically after six hours of inactivity if you forget to turn it off.  

Recover Deleted Playlists And Create Order With Playlist Folders On Spotify

If you want your deleted songs to be restored, sign in to your account and then click recover playlists from the left panel. Find the playlist you want to take back and click restore. That’s all.

If you want to create a new folder for your songs, go to File > New Playlist Folder and then give it a name. You can then drag playlists into it using the desktop app.